Howard / Mok / Parker

Robert Howard, Gwendolyn Mok, Natalie Parker                        

Images from the performance on Saturday, March 4th 2017

Clarinet & Friends
Music of Beethoven, Poulenc, Mendelssohn, & Brahms

Hear chamber music in the environment for which it was written, the glorious
acoustics and intimate atmosphere of Mission Blue Center. The rich sonority of the
clarinet is complemented by the cello and piano in a variety of works that feature
each of these prominent Bay Area artists. The Mendelssohn Variations Serieuses are
considered the composer's masterpiece for solo piano, and the Brahms Clarinet Trio
is one of the greatest compositions for this rare combination of instruments. 
As a friend of Brahms described it, "It is as though the instruments were in love
with each other."